Top 10 Best Voice Changer Calling Apps during Live Calls in 2019

Sunday, 2 June 2019
If you are looking best Voice Changer Calling Apps to change your voice during a live call? Well in this post I will introduce you with Best Voice Changer Apps using which you can Change your voice into another gender, into an animal sound, into a baby sound, into a cat sound and much more...

When you look in the play store for voice changer apps, there is a thousand fake voice changer app, making it hard for you to pick the right one. Well don't worry, I have done the hard work for you. Hello Guys, My name is Athar Rehmat. In this post, I have brought you best voice changer apps that I have tried and used and I am sure you will like them too.

Voice Changer Calling

At this very beginning, I would like to clear something: All the voice changer with calling does not include any sponsorship. These Apps has been tested and uploaded so that you can easily voice changer calling app.

With that being said let us get into the list of best voice changer calling app in 2019. these apps are free to download, you can get these for voice changer on call app.
  • Voice Changer Calling:
On the 1st rank, we have Voice Changer Calling - This is the Best Voice Changer, Free of cost and most advanced voice changer app we have come across ever. You can use this voice changer calling app during live calls to change your voice in real time. It's very handy and easy to use.
voice changer calling
This apps has many advanced features which include; Voice Changer With Calling, Voice Changer while video recording, Voice Changer with Audio Recording.

Voice Changer gives you the opportunity to change your sound into Girls, into a baby, into a man, into an animal, into robotics, and the list goes on. this is the best calling voice changer app for Android.

FEATURES of the Voice Changer Calling App:

  1. ✓ Live voice changer during calling
  2. ✓ Save recording to future use.
  3. ✓ Animal sound effects
  4. ✓ Create an image with sound. Calling Voice Changer
  5. ✓ Import pre-recorded sound
  6. ✓ Create voice from text
  7. ✓ Voice Changer in Calling
  8. ✓ Voice Changer and Editor Offline

If you are looking for an App to change your voice during a live phone call, this app should be your prime choice.  Follow the link down below to download voice changer calling app.

Voice Changer Calling

  • Magic Call
MagicCall is a free Voice Changer App for Android devices. You can use the Magic Call Voice Changer to change your voice during a live phone call. It is very easy to use through and many great features. It offers you different background noises as well If you want to pretend you are in a market or rashly area.
magic call
Magic Call allows you to change your voice into the voice of famous personalities like Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian,  popular stars...

The only issue with the magic call app is, when you make a phone call where you need to use the dial pad after the call connects using magic call voice changer, you can't do it. besides that, it is the best free voice changer calling apps for Android.

Magic Call

  • Call Voice Changer - IntCall
Call Voice Changer IntCall is a free app, you can use this app for changing voices during phone calls. It allows you can use the app as an editor, you can record your voice, add different effects from the list and save your edited audio files you can change your voice into deep, high, funny, creepy, into a baby, into a girl, into a boy and much more...
call voice changer
Call Voice Changer by IntCalls is a very simple designed app, there are not many user-friendly and animated effects to mess around. But very efficient and easy to use and edit simple audio files.

Call Voice Changer

  • Voice Changer with effects:
On the 4th number in our list, we have voice changer with effects - This is an amazing app to Changer your voice and adds sound effects. Voice Changer with effects helps you to record your voice and apply different sound to it.
voice changer with effects
Voice Changer App comes with more than 40 sounds effects. It gives you the following sound effects to apply to your voice; the sound of Helium, the sound of a robot, the sound of a giant, the sound in a backward direction, the sound of monster, the sound of extraterrestrial, the sound of zombie, the sound of alien, the sound squirrel, the sound of drunk... and many more! Download it for calling voice changer and enjoy playing with your friends.

Voice Changer App with Effects

  • Voice Changer
On the 5th number of our list, we have Voice Changer - This apps is an amazing android tool that allows you to change your voice into another voice. You can change your sound into the opposite gender, etc.
Voice Changer only works with recorded audio, no options to customize sounds in real time. this is the best and free app. You can use the app for voice changer in calling with your call to your friends and family to prank them.

Follow the link to download the Voice Changer on Call App latest version for free.

Google Play

  • Call Voice Changer Male to Female:
Call Voice Changer Male to Female is a simple call recorder app, You can use this app to record your voice, add apply the simple effect to them. It also helps to open voice files during a phone call and giving you the facility to play your recorded voice notes during a live call.
voice changer male to female
If you are looking for a Call Recorder to record your voice during a call,  you can download voice changer male to female. this is the best free voice changer calling app.

It offers simply effects, you will be only able to apply the filter of male and female, There is no much in the app. This the best call voice changer app with funny effects.

If you want to fool your friends by changing your voice sound during a real phone call. This app is for you.

Google Play Store

  • Girls Voice Changer
Girls Voice Changer is a simple app, It lets you change your voice into a female voice sound. It has pre-added different girls tone that you can use. This is a great app to fun and fools up your call respondent.
Girls voice changer
Girls Voice Changer helps you to record your voice using Girl's Voice Changer App and ad a girls voice filter to it. You have; a Young Lady sound,  a Small Baby sound, a 35 Years Lady sound, an
Old Women sound. Girls Voice Changer is Absolutely free to download and install.

Play Store

  • Call Voice Changer - Call Girl Voice Changer
It's the ultimate app for making Fun Call Voice Changer to with your friends. Make your voice high and funny or deep and creepy at the touch of a button using this app. this a free calling voice changer app that you can install and use for free.
voice changer on call app
Voice Calling App comes with multiple voices, which make it the best voice changer on call app. Voice Changer with Calling, funny voice changer app, Female Voice Changer app, Funny jokes phone app, robot voice app, celebrity voice changer app, male voice changer app, girl voice changer app, etc... that you can use as a voice changer in calling.

This is also a Voice Recorder app. you can record your voice, add apply coll sound effect to them and share with friends on social media. 

It is a complete Outgoing Call Voice Changer free app and has both functionalities for voice changing male to female and voice changing female to male as per your need.

Play Store

  • Fun Call
On the 9th number on our list, we have FunCall is a pretty good app. Instead of trying to make you sound like a celebrity like previous apps does, it simply changes your voice to five presets: 1-Helium balloon (that would be high pitch voice), 2-Funny sound (that would be high pitch voice), 3-Man sound (that would be low pitch voice), 4-Scary sound (that would be very low pitch voice), 5-Regular sound (that would be your natural voice).
voice changer calling app
The best voice changer with calling app that allows you to change between these during the call. There are multiple different background sounds, you can add during the call as well. The app also provides the option to record your calls for fun so you can easily share the call with other friends. if you intend to.

Play Store

  • Prank Call Free:
The las on our list, not a voice changer calling app, But its a fake tool to prank your friends. Have you ever wonder to make a self call and receive for any reason this app is for you. This app has over a million download that's why I thought this may be in your interest.
voice changer with calling

This app is simple, all you have to do is set the time, and after that the app will auto call to itself like a regular call, In the call there will be a respondent with a pre-recorded voice that could of your choice, A girl, a boy, a man, and many more options. You can use the app as voice changer on call app.

Play Store

That's it guys, I hope this list of best voice changer in call will help your out. please do share the post with your friends if you like the information. Download and install these apps for Voice Changer in Calling. 
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