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Sunday, 16 June 2019
Download the latest release of official Google Play Store APK Download for Android. Play Store App is the official App Store of Android, where you can download and install free and premium Android apps for your phone. Click the link to download Google Play Store APK.

How to download google play store APK and install it in your android device:

play store apps free

If you want to download the Google play store apps free manually and install in your android
device you are in the right place. Asi am gonna help you Play Store Download App Free. Follow this quick easy guide: Play and get Play Store Downloading.

  • #Step-1

You gonna need to click on the download link given below, to download play store, and select the version you want for your device. wait for 30 seconds until your APK file is being scanned to automatically download in your phone.

  • #Step-2

Wait for the download to complete, once the download is complete you gonna need to open the file and press install. Wait until the installation is complete. Launch the app and your Play Store Download App Free is installed.

Some Application is blocked by android, If you encounter the same problem follow these settings:
Go to "Settings'. Go to "Lock screen and Security" and enable this "Unknown sources" You will be able to install the APK For Google Play Store latest version.

Download Google Play Store APK

How to Change the default Country in Google Play Store without Root?

Sometimes you come across some amazing Free Apps Google Play that you want to download but unfortunately, that app is restricted in your country and you need to change your country in the play store.

Changing your country is the easiest solution for downloading geo-restricted applications. But how would you change your country in the Play Store without rooting your Android device and get Free App Google Play?

apk for google play store

All you just need a VPN and you’ll be able to change your country in the Play Store. I’ll show you how to change your country in the Play Store without rooting your device. So let’s start..!

Now before we jump into the quick tutorial to change the country in the Play Store, a quick note for you:  Google allows you to change your country in the Play Store. You can do so by heading on to account settings in the Play Store app and updating the payment methods.

However, currently, this feature is available for the APK for Google Play Store developers only. And of course, this involves money. But the method I’m going to show you doesn’t cost any money. You’ll be able to change your country in the Play Store without rooting and without spending any money.

First of all, you need to go to Play Store and download a VPN app, you can download almost any free VPN app but make sure that the VPN you are downloading is safe and not leaking any data.

If you just need a trusted VPN, You can try Top 10 Best VPN for Android. Once you have downloaded the VPN app, Open up your VPN and scroll down from a list of countries to choose the United States. Alright guys, now connect to the US server. And, you are good to go and play store download app free.

When you go to the Play Store APK Download and search the app which was not available in your country, you still can’t find it. But here is a trick: you need to clear the cache data of Play Store app. Go to settings, apps & notifications, here you’ll see the list of all the apps you have previously installed. Choose the Play Store and clear the cache data.

If you are wondering whether this will delete all the apps you have installed, let me tell you, you don’t need to worry as this won’t delete anything other than Play Store cache data. All your apps and games that you have previously installed will still remain there.

Now if you go to Play Store apps free and search for that app again, you can find the app as well as download and install the app. That’s how you change your country in the Play Store.

How To Sign Out From Google Play Store Or Google Account in Android?

In this section of the blog post, I will show you "How to sign out from Google PlayStore App in an android app". So, when you tap on Google Play Store, you will see that you are login by default when you're logged in using the phone with your mail id. in order to sign out from play store you gonna need follow these steps:
sign out of Play Store

  1. first, you gonna go to your phone settings and tap on "settings". Scroll down and where you see "Accounts".
  2. From the list, you gonna need to tap on "google". but sign out option is not there. so you gonna need to go back again
  3. Tap on "other accounts". You will see there a google, tap on it.
  4. there it will be showing you all Google applications and other option. but, there is a more button, click on it.
  5. then click on Remove account. It says "Removing this account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from the phone.
  6. So, tap on "remove account". It again ask "Are you sure". Click on ok.
  7. Now, It asks to confirm the pattern. draw your pattern if you have. by the way, this is optional. now, you can see Google account is removed. 

That it guys, its the quick lesson on how to Log Out Download Play Store App. You can also check it by open play store.

How to Fix “This Item isn’t Available in Your Country” and Download any Android App from Google Play Store?

What happens when you find an amazing Free App Google Play and you can't wait to get your hands on it. You instantly go to Google Play Store APK and search for the app to download and install it immediately. But all excitement comes to an end when you see an error message saying “this item is not available in your country”.

Some apps are country-specific and are restricted to be used in other countries. If you belong to a country where the app is restricted, tough luck for you! Well, don’t get disheartened as I’m here to guide you with cool tricks to download any that is app not available in your country.

I’ll guide you with multiple tricks to download and install any app not available in your country.
Make sure you go through until the end of this section to know the easiest method to download an app that is restricted in your country.

Fix the error “this item not available in your country” by changing country profile Google Play Store Huawei has recently got a feature where you can change the country profile in your account.

All you have to do is: Open Play Store APK Download and tap on the "hamburger" icon to access the menu, now scroll down to find "account". Tap on it and you’ll get an option to add a new "payment method". Simply add a US based credit card, debit card, or net banking information. You may also purchase a US-based Redeem Code for Google Play Store, from e-commerce sites like Amazon.

This is particularly good as not everyone gets access to US-based credit or Debit card. So this works for anyone. But it is worth noting that you can only change your country once per year. So if you change your country to the US, you won’t be able to switch country back again until one year. But of course, this involves money!

But what if you don’t want to spend any money, and download any app not available in your country almost for free?

Well, that's where our 2nd method comes into play. Get Restricted Apps by Faking Location Using this trick you can fake your location and download any app from Google Play Store App APK which is not available in your country. Simply download any good VPN app.

Start surfing from a location where the app is available. Obviously, most apps are available in the US for sure. So, choose United States as you virtual proxy network location and you are good to go.
Now, go to settings and then navigate to apps and notifications. Now tap on Google Play store, then storage. Simply clear the app data by tapping on Clear Data followed by Ok. Awesome!

Now go to Play Store apps free and search for your favorite app that is not available in your country. You’ll be able to download and install the app easily and Free Apps Google Play.

This is really a cool trick and works for everyone. Quick but Dirty Method to Fix This Item isn't available in Your Country Another cool way to download any app restricted in your country is by doing a simple Google search for its APK file. You can Also Download the APK for Google Play Store.

You can find many Android App Market other than Google Play Store which provides you the APK file of the restricted app.
The Download for Google Play Store APK is ready, Click on the link get APK for Play Store and download Free App play Store.

How to fix Google play store "download pending" issue

In this section of the blog post, we are going to see all the possible methods you solve Google Play
Store download pending issue. I am trying to install Instagram and for the very long time the keep says download pending are downloading when I look at over there which is installing icon is spinning.

Let us see how to fix Download Pending issue in play store dowload, we are going to see more than 8 methods to fix this issue at the end of every method you please check if the issue has been resolved and you can skip the rest.
  • # Method number 1
Go to settings applications Google Play Store Free Download for stop your storage clear cache and clear data now go to Google Play services APK  and just clear the cache that is enough third one go to download manager for stop via cache data now restart your phone and see if the issue has been resolved better -
  • #Method Number 2
We are going to verify if the system date and time is set correctly go to Settings date and time invalidated as well as the time
  • #Method Number 3:
Next is to look for whether your Google account is verified just visit this website and if your account is not verified it will ask you to verify.

Method for removing your Google account the added patch again go to "settings" than "user accounts" or upon management "Google" and select your account and over there you can find
remove upon a one so after removing this restart you have the phone on your account again just continue with the on-screen instructions of your need to complete the process.
  • #Method Number 5
Check if your device has enough storage, go to "settings" and the "storage validate" your available storage
  • #Method Number 6:
Disable the installation of Hafs with unknown sources go to "settings" and to "security" or
fingerprint and password now ensure "unknown sources" is disabled
  • #Method Number 7:
Check if your Dowload Google Play Store is up to date, go to play store settings and click on Play Store version or a build number and you can see the message that it is up-to-date.
  • #Method Number 8:
Method 8 is, uninstall Play Store apps free updates and wait for some time for it to reinstall back by itself for the settings the applications then Google Play Store Dowload uninstall updates.

That's it Guys, I hope this article will help you get the  APK for Play Store and you will be able to download Play Store Apps Free. Do Share the post if you find it helping.
Application Information
App Name Google Play Store
Version 14.3.17
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size Variable
Price Free
APK For Google Play Store
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