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Thursday, 13 June 2019
The next generation of Google Maps is here. An all-new smarter search box is your starting point for discovery. Your search results are displayed right on the map so it's easy to explore your options. Click between results, and the map adjusts to highlight roads and related places for each location.

When you're signed in, as you search, star places and publish reviews, you'll get tailored recommendations. So the more you use the map, the better it gets. Get the Google Maps Apps for your phone now.
G Maps
One search brings you all the information you need -- read up on your destination, see ratings and reviews and, sometimes, even take a peek inside. When you're ready to go, directions just a click away. Once you decide on a destination, Google Mapsw will help you figure out the best way to get there. Choose to drive, take public transit, walk, or bike -Google Maps Apps- with the best option for you highlighted in blue. And with the ability to add multiple destinations, stopping a few times along the way is no problem with Maps GoGol.

If you want to check out a place before you visit, Maps Goole explore your destination or any place in the world with beautiful imagery. You can access imagery in a few easy ways: the info card below the search box or the carousel at the bottom of the screen. The carousel collects all Google Maps Huawei imagery like Street View, photo tours, and user-submitted photos showcasing the best of your selected location using Googel Map App. Clicking Pegman will let you see where street-level imagery, like Street View Photo Spheres and Business View, is available.

You can dive right into Street View by clicking any place that's highlighted. The carousel is also where you'll find Earth view which brings the 3D experience from Google Earth App to Google Maps.

How to use Directions in G Maps GPS Navigate - Googel Map App

Learn to get directions with the new Google Maps for Huawei. Getting directions is easy.
  • Start from the search box and search for a specific location in Google with GPS . 
  • Then click Directions. ( Navigation my Location)
  • Add your starting point. 
A variety of transportation options will appear on the map and under the Search box. To reverse your directions, click the arrows on the left-hand side. In the GoogleNavigator the best routes are shown by default, but you can choose to view driving, public transit, walking, or biking directions.

The best way to your destination is always highlighted first, in blue. Explore your other options by clicking route lines or between the route info cards in Google mapsw.
Google Maps Apps

If you're going by car, click the "Options" menu to avoid highways and tolls. Or click "step-by-step" to see detailed driving directions. To go back, just click "Full Map View"

If you're taking public transit, you can see route overviews at a glance. Click More options and times for a visual of your trip.

The Schedule Explorer makes it easy to compare trips based on a number of transfers, travel
time, and walking distance. Click any of the routes to get step-by-step instructions. Whether you're at home or on the go, Google Maps will get you there.

G Maps

How to Use G Maps? Apps Maps Google:

Google Maps Apps New version Features:

Make the new G Maps your own. Sign in to get started. Let's start with a search: Tacos in Austin. Not sure where to go? Click "Top reviewers" or "your circles" to filter your search results.

The Googel Map App will update to show places rated and reviewed by people from your Google+ circles. Hover over the icon to see more information on the map, or click to display the info card under the search box.

See a place you want to keep in mind? Click Save to "star" it on the map so it's easy to find later.
Click once in the search box to see places you've recently viewed. In the directions drop-down menu, you'll notice the option to set your home and work location so you can save time when you're getting directions by GPS Navigate.

Simply click "Set" to save a location, or "Edit" to change it. Once your preferences are set you can easily use the words "Home" and "Work" as start or endpoints for G Maps. You can check more at www GoogleMaps com

The next time you search for something nearby, the map will automatically provide directions
from your home or work. Meet a map that works for you. Meet the new GoogleNavigtor Maps.

Gmaps Tablets
Introducing Google Maps for tablets, GPS Navigate allowing you to explore the world and discover new places. To get started, tap the "search box" then the Maps Goole explore card there, you can find places nearby to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep. Choose one to see more categories you can view more suggestions by selecting a subcategory. Feeling inspired zoom in to explore even further to find out more about a place, tap it on the Maps Goo to see the place card there you can see photos, read reviews, and learn more details. press the inside for a closer look once inside swipe around the G Maps to get a feel for the place from the place card you can easily get directions. With Maps Gogol Whether you're driving, taking public transit, biking or walking you can even choose different wrap options, want to explore more, use Street View to virtually walk around, discover new places and be inspired, start exploring the world around you today with Google Maps
Add Home and work  in Googel Maps Apps:

Make G Maps your own with home and work locations, to add your home and work. touch the person icon to open your Maps activity page tap enter home address to set your address quickly see your home or work on the map by opening your Maps activity page and tapping the location you'd like to see to get directions to or from your home or work touch the directions icon enter your destination and choose a route to edit your home or work locations at any time open settings in the side menu and
select edit home address gets more out of Google Maps for Mobile with a map tailored to you.
Application Information
App Name G Maps
Version 14.2
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size 24.2
Price Free
Googel Map App
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