Zapeto App 2.8.4 ( Latest ) APK Download for Android

Sunday, 19 May 2019
Download the latest release of official Zepeto App for Android. Zepeto is basically like an emoji kind of universe, Where you can create yourself and customize your room and your character and also take selfies. Click the link to Download Zepeto APK for Android.

ZAPETO 2.8.4 APK Download for Android

It's pretty cool I've had it since yesterday so I'm just gonna tell you guys the basic things you need to know and how to maneuver through this Zepeto app.



Zapeto App

How to Get started with Zepetos?

To get started with Zepeto app, you might encounter the following problems. Therefore, we tried to answers all the possible question below. Make sure to read it carefully before you get started with Zepeto Android.

  • How to Get Followers in Zepeto?

Now we're going to be talking about followers. I have a hundred and one followers right now. What I've been doing is on discover you can go to a place called step Patos Street. If you click on it, there it's just a place where your avatars can wander around and it will end up on other people's devices. If they're in the Patos street as well and also other avatars will be coming to your street. Like this, you can click on them follow them and you can also visit their home. This is a cool way of following people and also other people seeing your character the only flaw to Zepeto Street is that you can't be doing other things while you're on the street.

Zepeto App

If I try to exit, I would have to leave the street as well. Other than the Petos Street, you can also do something called well what I call speed following. Where if you go to the top right you'll see this lightning bolt, If you click there, you can go through many people's set Peto avatars and see what their room looks like, and how they dress, and here you can also follow them and like their comments. If you do that for a while most of them will follow you back and that's how you can get a good amount of followers in a short amount of time.

The last way you can get followers which I think is kind of extreme but some people do it as if you go through your main page and you click at the top, it says "see other Zepetos". If you go here it will lead you to Zepetos official Instagram page. Here you can see then post a lot of pictures of Zepeto's and what they do and what some people do for their Zepetos is they make a separate Instagram account just for there is a pet so it's kind of like you know the Zepeto is a real person and they put backgrounds for their Zepetos download and they also you know collaborate with others their pet so characters so this kind of opens your code up for other people to see and if you get a like a lot of followers like her then a lot of people will see your code and then they'll add you.

I personally would not do this but you know cuz it seems like a lot of work but some people put time into it and that's why they have a lot of followers

If you create your own Instagram, you can post it and tied the other avatar as well, those are just some ways to get followers.

  • How to setup Greetings in Zepeto?

So the first question is how can you like organize your greetings in Zapeto in a certain way so how to do that is this up and down arrow right here across from other greeting this is where you can set your greeting orders so if you just hold down on one and you can move it around in whichever order you want and

Zepeto APK
  • How to Setup Zepeto Character?

The second question is how do I get another Zepeto character. If you click on your profile and the green circle there, it will say mine is the pet. You can click on it and it will show you your main Zepeto and it will show you an Add button there. If you want to add another pet, it does cost money so, in my opinion, I would personally just make another as a pet to account and then create the character that way it's much easier.

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  • How to Get Coins in Zepeto without doing a quest?

I'll be talking about how to get coins without doing quests, since the quests are still down so the first thing you can do weekly checks your gift box at the top right there's gonna be a bell and it's your notifications where you can see who follows you and on this the next slide you can see your gift box and your gift boxes all the coins that Zepeto App gives you. Recently they have been giving a lot of people coins because the quests are down so that's why you should check it regularly so you can just receive them. They'll just receive one right now and then I'll it will probably pop up and say I have a thousand and ninety.

Another way to get coins is by doing a lucky spin. If you click this box right here a lucky spin will pop up and you can try it usually always win and then you can also get coins from there you can receive coins or you can double it with an ad that I highly recommend you do. The lucky draw spin comes every 24 hours so if you check you're as a pet so more then you'll see it usually.

The last thing to get coins is by going to play and playing this little game at the top called Flying Zepeto. It's kind of like flappy bird where you have to get a certain amount of points to get coins so the downside to this is that you need to get 20,000 points just to start getting coins and you would only get 1000 coins which kind of sucks you'd have to be really good at the game to start getting coins.

Guys that is everything I basically know about getting followers and coins on Zepeto Coins.

  • How to Enhance Clothing Room and Tacking Group Selfies with Zepeto App?

If you're not like me trying to figure out how to use it, it took me like an hour to figure it out. So to start off once you're done customizing your character, which the Zapato App Latest Version helps you do is pretty self-explanatory. There will be your profile page, where everything will basically go down. When you click the bottom right circle, where you can create a greeting. A greeting is what everyone sees when they click on your profile. I will just put "hey" and with a greeting, you need action as well. There are some actions they give to you but there's some that you need to unlock by doing quests and there's plenty that you can buy. The ones that you can buy, these ones are pretty different from the ones that they give to you for free. I'm just going to use one that I've already bought. There you go that's your greeting if people touch your avatar, then your greeting will pop up.

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  • How to Delete Greeting in Zapeto?

If you want to delete a greeting you go to your profile, and  I can delete by just touching it I'll just leave this one as well so they are deleted. Also on the profile section, you can edit your hair or any feature you really want to change. You can also edit your clothes, which is very important I guess for people who you know really want to get followers in this app.

  • How to Get Followers on Zepeto?

I've realized from being in this app for about a day or so, the only way to get a lot of followers on the zapeto app is to stand out from everyone else. To do that you have to buy the most outgoing clothing, your clothes that people I've never seen and a lot of the clothes are pretty expensive. I know people who are on this app that change their clothes every single day for their zepeto followers, so I guess that's really how you have to stand out from everyone else but obviously the clothes are pretty expensive and also your space here your room, your room is what everyone can see, so you can customize your room as well.

zepeto followers

You can put whatever you want in your room. There are pictures you can also change the floors, the walls, everything like that. There's also a shop as well you can put teddy bears, you can put seasonal things. It's pretty fun for you to just create your own world, your own room, and things like that

  • How to Add People in Zepeto?

I'm gonna tell you guys, how to add people in Zapato. Everyone has their own code. When you go to your profile, right there underneath. It shows how many followers you have. And to add people all you need is their code. Whether you can type it in, or they copy/paste it for you.

I'll just give you an example from my friend Lexi. I'll just copy her code and I'll you have to go to discover and at the top it will tell you to enter your friend's code you can either paste it or type it in once you're done with that, your friend will pop up when you click them you will go to their room and see how they look. If you touch their avatar, you can see their greeting, and you can also like their greetings if you want. That's basically all you can really do and that's basically like how you can interact with them on their profile.

  • How to send Messages in Zapeto?

You can send text messages to your friends in Zapeto. And you can also take pictures with them so this is what a lot of people have been doing. There at play, if you go there you can see all the poses you can do with your friends. There are single ones, there are group ones, and there's also a couple and for two people so I want to do this a couple pose. I just like it.

A trick that I have learned is if you want a specific zepeto avatar to do a specific pose. for example, I want my avatar to be doing what the brunette girl is doing. I have to click here first and then click whichever friend I want to be on in the other post. This is because it goes from left to right. If I click me first, I'm gonna be on the left so I'll just show you, so you can see me and my friend and when you're at this stage you can save it and post it wherever you want and move it around.
Application Information
App Name Zapeto
Version 2.8.4
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size 74MBs
Price Free


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