Top 10 Best Android Apps from May 2019 [Download Links]

Monday, 27 May 2019
Hey guys, Hope you all are doing well. Welcome back to another article of Best Android apps, as always application links are down below so make sure you check all of them out. Hope you guys will enjoy.

The following are top-rated Android Apps and Games for the Month May 2019. This is our best collection hope you will like as always.

  1. Abstract

The first one is a wallpaper app called Abstract. This one is really unique because every wall in here is made by the artist who makes the stock wallpapers you see on Oneplus devices.

The Abstract Wallpaper 4K App is basically a collection of his work and it is awesome you have over 300 exclusive wallpapers all of them in the 4k resolution that you won't find anywhere else.

I am positive you guys will enjoy them and will find something to breathe new life into your home screen setup. The app itself is smooth and nicely put together with a really good-looking UI. I will highly recommend you go and show some love to the artist and check out this application.

  1. Subscriptions
The next app is a super simple way to keep track of all of your Subscriptions it's as easy as plugging in all the necessary information and you're good to go pretty much like any other subscription app.

Now what makes this one special is its ease of use and how well it works the user experience is nice and clean as well and there's even a dark mode so huge thumbs up for that but not only that you can also add things like notes and labels and you can even backup subscription info which is pretty handy.

So yeah give it a try, if you find your subscriptions piling up so you don't lose track of how much you're spending.

  1. Stuff
Next up we've got a to-do list app called Stuff. This is yet another very simple app that aims to help you keep track of your daily tasks everything's centered around clean looking widget where you can add your tasks to different days or categories in the application itself. You can customize things like the widget layout, the order of your tasks, you can make your own categories, and for two bucks you can get access to widget appearance customization where you can change the background color, the fonts, the font sizes, and more overall.

This App is very useful and it's a great way to help you stay on top of things.

Play Store

Application number four we're talking about KL WP preset called Twilight. As you may have noticed I've really been getting into these lately and this one is my favorite out of my most recent finds. Right away you can tell that the developer put a lot of time and effort into this one.

Everything from the fonts and the layouts the transitions everything looks and feels very nicely put together. This preset aims to give you everything you need and then some you've got separate pages for music, weather, news, events, settings, and an entire page dedicated to your favorite apps and device info like the battery, and memory stats as well as notifications.

Play Store

  1. Amazing Psychology Facts


This is a fantastic way to quickly toss a completely new look onto your phone. It is highly recommended. Halfway down the list, we've got amazing psychology facts that are pretty self-explanatory right. This app contains a large collection of psychology facts spread across a number of different categories including animals, body language, emotions, health, sleep, social media, and much, more.
It's always good to learn a little something new every day right and this here is a really neat way of doing that check it out alright.

Play Store

  1. Pros and Cons - Decision Maker

Next up we've got pros and cons yet another self-explanatory app. This one aims to help you decide on certain things that you may be struggling with by letting you list out the pros and the cons. 

For example, if you've got your eye on a new TV but you're on the fence about actually getting it you can list out the pros and cons and the importance level of each one as you go you'll get percentages for each category and when you're finished you should get a good solid look at the reasons why you should and why you shouldn't.

So if there's something you need help deciding on and it's kind of driving you crazy hopefully this app will be able to help add.

Play Store

  1. Koda Cam


App number 7. We've got Koda Cam. If you're someone who likes to take pictures, if you're someone who likes filters, and likes retro stuff, that I know you'll have a fun time with this one. This camera app aims to give your pictures a 1998 analog film look and it gives you full control of just about everything you can choose.
The filter, the color, the gradient, you can add dust and light, leak effects and more it lets you do all of this before you even take the picture too which is pretty neat. There are a lot of cool things they're all fun to mess around with coming up with different combinations and whatnot and again I think you guys will get a kick out of it. Give it a shot no pun intended okay.

Play Store

  1. LYNE


Now I'm going to close out the list with a small handful of games. The first one is a line if you like "minimalistic puzzle" games this one is for you.
All you have to do is connect the shapes so the concept is pretty simple but as usual, as you progress things will get more and more difficult the game is very nicely put together with calming visuals and sound effects and it does get quite challenging even mind-boggling sometimes. I'm actually really enjoying this one lately and I think you will too.

Play Store

  1. TypeShift


After that, we've got TypeShift. In this game as the developer puts it anagrams the meet word search with a sprinkle of crosswords and I couldn't have put it better myself all you have to do is arrange the letters in the columns to make a word and you continue doing that until every letter has been used and that's it.

You get a new set on a daily basis and as the week goes on you'll be presented with more difficult sets. You can choose from different packs of puzzles to try if you want to do more than just the free daily one.

Play Store

  1. Nano Golf in Hole:


The last game is Nano Golf in Hole. This is a neat little golf game with a puzzle twist. Go ahead and putt your way through courses loaded with obstacles portals and traps. You only get one shot so make sure your shot is a good one.
The game itself is eye candy accompanied by fun and playful sound effects and overall it's an interesting little time waster try it out.

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That does it for this Months Best Android Applications. I hope you guys will enjoy. Let me know down below in the comments which applications were your favorite. Thank You for making this far.
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