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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Download the Latest release of official Musically to Download for Android and iOS. Musically also called Tik Tok is a popular social app that lets you create videos and share with your friends. Click the link to Download Musically latest version for Android.

Download Musically app for Android and iOS.

Muscially App so-called Tik Tok is a social video sharing app, you can use the app to share your creation with your friends and followers for free. Your Muscially to Download is ready. Click the link below for Muscially Download App.

Musically to Download

Musically to Download

Musically Download App

How to get started with Musically to Download for Android and iOS:

In this section of the article, we've tried to cover all your How to Questions...? and the queries that have been asked by our Musically users at different blogs and forums so that you won't need to wander around with their queries. Read the go through app review and how to question to start with Musically App.

Do want to make a Musically account so you can start posting your own music? We're here to help. Hi, I'm Athar Rehmat from In this article, I'll be telling you, how to create a Musically Account? and giving you some extra info about eligibility for Musically accounts. let's get started.
  • How to Create Musically Account?
How to Create Musically Account

To start creating a musically account, you'll need to install the app on your smartphone or tablet you can Download Musically for free through the download link for Musically to Download.

Once you have Musically installed, launch the Musically App. When you tap on "create account" in Tik Tok you have the following options to sign up with:
  1. You can sign up with a phone number 
  2. Facebook account 
  3. Instagram account or email address 
I'll be using the email address option but choose whichever one works best for you, you'll need to enter your birth date in the second step. Keep in mind that if you're under 13 and enter your real birth date you will get an error message saying you're not eligible for an account. Select your birthday and tap "continue"

Now enter your email address, then tap "continue" again. you can choose a username to use for your account type in what you'd like your username to be. Then type in a password in the bottom text box. when you're done, tap "continue" you may be asked to complete a CAPTCHA to verify that you're human and not a robot creating a Spam Musically Account. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete your unique CAPTCHA. Tap "continue" now enter your "full name". If you'd like you can add a profile picture as well. Tap the "add picture button" then choose whether you want to snap a selfie or upload an image from your device's image library. When you're done, tap "continue".

  • How to Import Contacts in Musically Android?
Howo to Add Muscially Followers

If you want you can now import contacts to see if any of your friends are already on musically or link your Facebook account to make it easier to connect with your Facebook friends on Musically. If you don't want to use these options, tap "skip" in the top right corner that's all it takes to make a musically account now you can scroll through and watch popular musically posts or create your own.

  • What to do when musically says you're not eligible?
Here are some couple of things you should keep in mind if you're under the age of 13 you're not eligible for a Create Musically Account. When asked to enter your birth date. If your birthday indicates that you're under 13, you'll receive an error message that says you're not eligible for Musically Account.

Even if you're over 13 by creating an account you're agreeing to the terms that you're either over 18 or have permission from your parents to be using musically. Back to the question, when it says you are not eligible you can do the following things.
  1. Remove your Musically app's cache memory from your phone settings.
  2. Sign Up with another email or phone number.
  3. Select a fake birthdate, where you are above 13 years old.

  • How to make Tik Tok Videos? How to Make Musically Videos?

Want to start using the fun video app Tik Tok? You've come to the right place. In this article, I'll be showing you how to use the Tik Tok App.  Let's get started.

Create Musically Videos

The first thing you'll need to do is login Musically. Enter your username and password then tap the checkmark to sign in to Musically App. You'll see your Tik Tok Timeline by default. You'll see just the top trending and popular posts on Tik Tok, but once you follow other users you'll see posts from accounts you follow. To follow other Tik Tok Users, tap the "magnifying glass icon" in the bottom menu. You can type in the "search bar" at the top. To find your friends on Tik Tok by their username or discover other people to follow by checking out "hashtags" when viewing another user's profile tap "follow" to follow them.

To create your first Tik Tok post, tap the "plus sign" at the bottom of your screen. To select a song for your post. Tap pick a "sound" at the top then look there in Tik Tok library of songs.  To find one you like? Tap the song you'd like to use, then tap "shoot" with this sound. If you'd like to adjust the point where the music is going to start playing, tap the "scissors icon" then slide the music track to the point where you want the song to begin. when you start recording tap the checkmark to save your changes. Choose the speed you want your video to play, when it's done this will affect how fast the audio plays while you're recording your video.

Musically App Download

Now in your device's camera at whatever you'd like to record a video. You can switch between your devices front and back cameras by tapping the circle of arrows on the right side of your screen when you're ready to tap and hold the video camera button at the bottom to begin recording. If you want to stop recording simply lift your finger from the camera button.

To film, hands-free tap the stopwatch icon on the right this will start a countdown after which recording will start. If you want to stop recording? tap the pause button you can make adjustments to the music with the scissors tool. If you like top the colored dots to browse video filters, tap a filter to see what it looks like on your video.

The clock icon will allow you to access special effects top an effect to preview it. If you like how it looks, tap "saved" in the top right. When you're all done editing your Tik Tok post, it's time to share it. Tap "Next" in the bottom right corner to move on. You can add a "caption" type in what you want it to say.  Tag your friends in a post by typing the @ symbol followed by their Tik Tok username. If you want you can share your post to your other social media accounts like Twitter when you're ready to share your creation to your Tik Tok Profile. Tap "post" wait a few seconds for your video to be uploaded and you're all done.

That's all it takes to create your own Tik Tok Video. You can look for Musically Download mp3 to download Music from Tik Tok App. 

Download the latest version of Muscially App for Android. Muscially to Download is ready click on the download link to get Muscially APK Download for Android. Musically to download for iOS is ready Click the links to Download Muscially iOS for free.

  • How to make Slow Motion Videos in Tik Tok or Musically? 
Do you want to make a musically post with a cool-looking slow motion video? you've come to the right place. In this section, I'll be sharing you, how to make a Slow Motion Musically Video?

To begin, open the camera app on your smartphone. I'm doing this with the built-in camera app on my iPhone but if you have an Android device you can check your device's default camera app. To see if it allows for slow-mo video capture or downloads another camera app that does will have to search for Slow Motion Camera App for Android in the search bar in our site.

Now switch to slow motion video capture mode on iPhone, you can only use this mode with the rear camera on the opposite side of your device's screen so you can record a video of something around you or have a friend hold your phone and record a video of you. If you want to film a video of yourself hands-free you can prop up your phone somewhere or use a tripod to hold your device for you. Tap the record button to begin recording your video. When you're finished, tap the same button to stop recording.

Musically to Download

Tap the video in the bottom left corner then select edit using the top bar drag the controls to select the portion of the video you want to play in slow motion simply drag either side to adjust the placement then using the bottom bar trim your video to the length you want it to be. Then tap "Done". Tap "save" a new clip.

No go to your home screen and open Musically application for Android. Tap the "plus sign" at the bottom to create a new post. Then tap "the videos icon" on the right side to access your device's library of videos. Select the video you just created, slide the pink section to trim your video. Then tap "the checkmark" in the top right corner.

Tap next, Tap "the music icon" on the right to add music from the Musically library to your video. Tap a song to add it to your post. Make any other adjustments as you see fit like adding filters, and stickers. Then tap "the arrow icon" in the top right corner to share it. Tap "post" at the bottom then just wait for your video to be posted.

That's all it takes to make and post a slow motion musically video.
  • How to log in Musically? 
Want to get back on Tik Tok and login to your account? Now that the Tik Tok and Musically have merged. You can sign into Tik Tok with an existing Tik Tok account or log in with your old musically credentials.

how to login to Musically

In this section of the post. I'll be sharing you how to log in to Musically? To begin open the Tik Tok App, then tap "the profile icon" in the bottom right corner. Scroll down at the bottom of the pop-up menu, select "login" Now enter your "user name or email address" and the "password" for your account. If you already had an account on musically, you can use your musically username and password to sign into Tik Tok. Then tap the "check mark" button once you've logged in. Tap the profile icon to go to your personal Tik Tok page. If you had videos on your musically account before they merged with Tik Tok. Your musically videos will be in your profile.
  • How to log out Musically?
How to Logout Musically

If you want to log out Musically, Go to your profile. Then tap "the three dots" in the top right corner select "privacy and settings". Scroll all the way down to the bottom, then tap "log out" Tap "confirm" in the window that appears. That's all it takes to log in and out of Tik Tok.

  • How to Recover Password of Musically or Tik Tok? 
Have you forgotten your musically password and want to reset it? or simply want to change the existing password for your musically account. we're here to help.

In this section, I'll share you, how to reset or change your musically password. If you've signed out of your musically account and can't remember your password. You can reset it by tapping "login" then tap "get help signing in" select whether you want to reset with, your email address or phone number. enter your email address, then "tap send link" check your email inbox for a message from musically in the email. Tap the "change password button" this will open a browser window with the musically page where you can reset your password in the textbox labeled "new password" type in what you'd like your new password to be. Then type the same thing in the "retype password text box". When you're done tap change then you can open the musically app and log into your account using your new password.

If you're still signed into your musically profile and know your current password but want to change it.  Go to your musically profile. Then top "the gear icon" in the top right, At the bottom tap "Settings" scroll down and tap "change password" in the top text box type in your current musically password in the bottom two text boxes type in what you'd like your new password to be when you're finished tap "Done" in the top right to "save your changes" that's all it takes to reset your musically password.
Application Information
App Name Musically to Download
Version 6.3.6
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size 52MBs
Price Free
Musically to Download APK

Musically to Download Android

Musically to Download iOS
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