How to Use Game Guardian on Android Non Rooted Devices

Friday, 31 May 2019

How to use Game Guardian for Non-Rooted Android Phones

what's going on guys, today I'm gonna be showing you how to install and use game guardian on an unrooted Android Phone and I'm gonna be doing that on my Samsung s10 it could be the same on any Android Phone. Let's go ahead:
Game Guardian No Rooted

The first thing we're gonna want to do is Scroll download and find the download link for guardian down below. Once you're there you want to click on the download link and Download Game Guardian Latest version which is currently 7.6.1.
Game guardian no root
  Game Guardian

Next, we are going to then scroll down and find this Parallel Space APK. The 64-bit version for me, it will be a different version for your other devices but the latest smartphones are generally 64-bit operating systems so let's go ahead and click on the link and download Parallel Space App. I want the GG signed apk at the bottom so I'm going to click on that and let that download.
parallel space 64 bit
  Parallel Space 64 bit

Once it is done Click Parallel Space Open and Install. When it's done and installed, we also want
to go back now and I want to go to "my files" and "downloads" and also install the game guardian. I just downloaded, Once it's done installing we can then just click "done"

Now, let's go ahead and open parallel space and continue and will "allow" it whatever it needs I do go ahead and build everything out and click "start". Once the app is ready, Close it.

Now, we want to go to Game Guardian and launch that for the first time. I want the 64-bit virtual space hack, what we gonna need is to allow whatever permission it needs. Just click "OK" once done with everything, Close the app now.

Go ahead and open parallel space again and click "Add App" and deselect the apps that we don't want
to install and go ahead and just find what we just installed which is the 64-bit version of Gameguardian. Click that I'll add that to the virtual space for parallel space and then we can go ahead.

Open the Game Guardian app from this parallel space and we're gonna grant it their permissions and allow all the permissions that he needs, Enable the permission on the next screen for it to show the floating widget and click start "okay", it will actually running there now.

Next, you want to add games or application to your parallel space that you want to use with game guardian. Click here, How to Hack Games. If you want to know how to hack games easily.

That is guys, I hope this quick guide on how to use game guardian no root will help you out. let me know in the comments down below, which games you hacked or used with game guardian. May love and peace be with you.
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