How to Remove Game Ads | Block Game Ads in Android [Best Method]

Monday, 27 May 2019
Hello guys, I am Athar. Today I'm gonna show you, how to get rid of all those stupid banner ads and any type of ad inside any Android game. With this very easy method, you will be able to Remove Game Ads, Block Game Ads in every Android game.

How to Remove Games Ads in Android. 

In this very easy quick tutorial. I will show you, How to Block Game Ads which is my best method to Remove Game Ads and I am sure it will work for you as well. Let's check out.

how to block game ads

First, you're going to want Lucky Patches App. You're going to want to go to click on the download link which is given below.

How to remove Game Ads

Lucky Patcher APK

Once you've done that you can close out of your browser and you want to drop down the menu and go and find the downloaded file. Once you've found Lucky Patcher APK. You're going to want to open it up and install it. If Lucky Patcher Original App asks you for any permissions just make sure you grant all the permissions and you should be okay. Once it's done, you're going to want to open that up.

[A Big Warning Guys]
Before you proceed, make sure at this point in time that you guys back up any of your games. You don't know how to just head over to your game and find the cloud safe feature that way you guys can save all your progress up to the cloud. Mostly all Android games tend to have this nowadays, if it doesn't, then make sure you find out, how to back up your data just in case you don't want to lose any of your progress that you've made in any of your games.

So with that said let's continue, The next you're going to want to pretty much click "yes" to all the boxes that are going to pop up when you're going to want to install the proxy server just because you're going to end up leaving it for other things later down the road.

You're going to want to install all update that Lucky Patcher App patches, so that way everything is updated and that the way there is no issue when trying to apply any of these methods.

We're gonna let that do its thing once it's done. Make sure you guys click "OK" and click the don't show this dialog again now that that's it you're going to exit out any pop-ups that come up.

lucky patcher
Next Step, You're going to want to locate the game you want to modify. You're going to "edit down" to a menu of patches. You're going to want to "Create Modified Apk" file and "APK without Google Ads".

You're going to want to leave everything as is and rebuilt the app. It's going to take a little bit of time, just sit down and be patient.


Once it's done and this is how it's going to look. You're going to want to go to file, once you're there you're going to want click on the "uninstall and install" and make sure you click the make data and cache backup for installation and then click "Yes" and click "OK".

At this point in time, it's going to uninstall your previous Game. You're going to install the new modded game that you just made. Once that's finished installing guys, you're going to want to open up your game, of course, Once that is done, you will see the banner ad is no longer there and no ads work on this game anymore.

How to Backup and Restore Game?

I'm going to show you guys, how to backup and restore your game. If that's the issue you're gonna want to uninstall the game on and then you're going to want to go back to the Google Play Store. Download your game the exact same one and you're going to of course.

Install the game, once the game is installed. You are going to want to do is pretty much "sync this game back up" with your cloud-saved version so that way all your progress can come back.

You will go back to normal game and you will see, I just did that and everything's back to normal all the ads are there and you will able to click those little boost ad things.

That is it guys on How to Remove Game Ads in Android. I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know in the comment down below which game you have modified and remove ads. Peace out be with you!
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