Fake GPS Pro (GPS Faker No Root) APK Download for Android and iOS

Thursday, 23 May 2019
Download the latest release of official Fake GPS Pro for Android. GPS Faker is an amazing application to artificially change your location to anyplace in the world. Click the link to Download Fake GPS No Root.

Download Fake GPS Pro Root and No Root for Android. 

Hello everyone? I am Athar here I got a quick lesson for you on, how to fake or change your GPS location? Alright, so there might be times when you're developing maybe like a Maps a location-based app and you really need to be able to you know just move your GPS location around and sitting at your desk that might be a little bit difficult right.

There are ways to be able to artificially change your GPS location and this is in the developer options which is where we're going to head in a second but first, you're also going to need an app.

That can help you with this I got my device hooked up and I'm going to show you a couple of the options and the one that I use. I'm going to go into the GPS Fake Location. But you have to download Fake GPS Pro from given link down below alright.


Fake GPS


I am going to Install GPS App. I will ask for T&C "accept" it. And we are good to go.

Fake GPS Pro that I use and I think that is installed. I'm gonna go ahead and open it up. What's going to happen is this gonna tell us that we need to set it as a mock location app in the developer options and we can go straight to it by clicking on the "open settings" or just in case you're not sure where that is I'm also going to tell you the direct path.

How do I turn on my Fake Location on Android?

Go into "Phone Settings" and then scroll down to "system" and then you have the "developer options" and then you're going to "scroll down" a little bit and it will be right there. Select "mock

location app" You gonna need to click on that and then the applications is able to do is "mock location" will pop up and you are going to select our "Fake GPS App" which you just downloaded or if you have multiple downloaded then you can select the one that you want to be using so and now our "Fake GPS APK" is set up.

To Fake our location, I'm going to go back to our app.  Click on it and now it should detect that we have already accepted that and all you got to do is just kind of "drag this around the map" and it'll set up your fake GPS location as wherever we put this pin.

How to turn off Mock Location on Android?

If you're done using it all you got to do is press "play right" and Fake GPS Location App will Stop.

How to turn off Mock Location on Android
If you went back into your maps or something you would go back to your actual real-life location then you want to remove that from your developer options all you got to do is go back into system go back to developer options Scroll Down to the select "Map Location App" select it and just go back to nothing.

How to GPS Fake Location No Rooted for Android:

Rooted Android phone is not required for this process. You need an

An application called Fake GPS Pro that you can download below. This works for all the users irrespective of Road or non-route. Download Fake GPS Pro application install it. once you are done installing Fake GPS Free, open it.



  • Step No #1

When you launch the application you will see a tiny dot blue color which is the "location point" you can drag that blue point and place it anywhere to your destination and you can even search for the places. I am going to search for "New York" and I'm going to place that mark on "New York" that your location will be fake to New York.

  • Step No #2

Before your start button, we need some settings so go to the system settings, and there are settings go to the location and make sure your location is "turned on" for the highest accuracy is recommended.

  • Step No # 3:

Go to the developer mode if you do not have developer mode enabled on your phone. Go to "About Phone" and scroll down until you find "Bill temper" tap it for seven to eight times on the build number and the developer mode will be unlocked.

  • Step No # 4:

Get into the "developer mode" scroll down and you will find an option called asset

"Mark location" click on that and select "Fake GPS No Root" Application there.

  • Step No # 5

Open the GPS Fake No Root APK again and in the Fake GPS GO select the "start button" as soon as you hit the start, your location will be set to the destination where you set earlier in my case New York.

  • Step No # 6:

To Check if it worked or not? You can check it Google Maps. Open Google Maps. Click on my "location button" boom even though you are NOT in New York physically but you have faked your location to New York using Fake GPS PRO No Root App.

How to Fake GPS on Pokemon Go?

Using methods you can Fake GPS for Pokemon Go.  But for Fake GPS Pokemon Go you need some more extra features like hiding more location enabled or disabled option because the application will track it. For that purpose, you may need to Texas because you need to install an exposed module called "hide more location" you'll have to install xposed module for that supersedes required and you are good to go BTW pokemon Go.

You can fake the location of pokemon and get more and more pokemon that's pretty fun.


It just a quick lesson on How to fake your GPS location on Android.


Many of us might want to fake our location. The reasons can be many but one of them is that an app does not work in your area so what you do in these cases?

For example, YouTube TV does not work in India. Here you can make use of this Fake GPS App that I am going to show you how?

Let's get started,  You gonna need to Download Fake GPS APK by clicking on the download link given below to Install Fake GPS APP in your Android.



Once you install it you launch the app. The move on to your settings right here and then scroll down until you find developer options. now if you do not know how to get there Locker Options you just have to head to boss phone and then to scroll down to your bill number hit that 7 times like so hit that seven times in that you're going to have the developer options right there, now what you want to do is just scroll down until you find enable Mack Location up, there you sort of select an Fake GPS GO.

You Gonna need to select GPS Faker App. Then you want to head to GPS Faker and you can search where you want to go in the map. It can be anywhere in the world. Let's go to New York. Search it and I'm currently in New York according to this GPS Faker. If you want to set the location just hit the
play button.  Mack Location Engaged
Application Information
Version 4.2
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size 2.2MBs
Price Free

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