Top 3 Best Hacks in Game - That Helps to Hack Any Game or Application

Sunday, 26 May 2019
Hey, what up guys? My name is Athar, and today I'm gonna tell you guys exactly. How to cheat, hack or use certain tricks and Hacks in Games that are built into your Operating System to Cheat Games, Mod Games, and Hack Games very easily.

How to Hack Games and Applications - Top 3 Methods

The following are the Top 3 methods ( Hacks in Game) using which, you can hack almost any Android Game and Application like a pro hacker. 

hacks in game

Method 1 - Hacks in Games to Gain More Live, Coins and Points for Time-Based Games.

To hack the game or cheat the game. The first hacks in Game, or glitch that you can call it is going to be for the time-based games. The time-based games that make you wait, so that you guys can get more points, or can do a certain task.

For instance, In Candy Crush Game you are required to wait for after a time certain time period until your live refills or purchase lives that kinda costly.

I'm gonna show you how to cheat the game or Hacks in Game. For that, we're gonna go into our desktop on our phones. we're gonna go into our "phone settings". once you're in your settings you're going to navigate to "date and time" and you're going to want to uncheck the "automatic date and time" you're going to go to set the "date accordingly".

Once you are done with the Hacks in Game. You are going to go back into the game to check how much time you are required until your live refills. Change the time and date accordingly in the time and date settings.

You're gonna wait for a little while until the game refresh. After that, your Game live must have been refilled. That is a simple Hacks in Game on how to do these type of games that make you wait 10, 20, or 30 hours. That way you guys can get more energy to do certain tasks.

Method 2 - How to Hack Games Auto Click Games?

Let's move on to the next Hacks In Games guys is going to be on those auto credit games. If you're in familiar with those games is the games where you pretty much have to keep on clicking so that you can advance in the game. In this Hack in Game, I will show you How to beat these games with very easy tricks.

For that, you gonna need an application called "Auto Clicker" you can go into your google play store or you can Download from the link given below. There is Automatic Clicker, which is the one I recommend at the moment since you do not have to root your phone but make sure if your phone is not rooted that the application does not require root access for it.

how to hack game

Once you've downloaded and installed Automatic Clicker, of course, you're going to want to start and learn how to use Auto Clicker App before you get started, read the instructions then you're gonna need to open up your "Auto Clicker Game" and you're going to want to start your Auto Clicker program. and now that I have tried on the "Monster Killer Game" and with my Auto Clicker it was just a piece of cake

Automatic Clicker Download

Method 3- How to Hack any Android game and application?

The final Hacks-in-Game is a Pro level hack or whatever you want to call it.

For this Hack, you guys are gonna need two applications. One Application you can find in the Play Store and one you're gonna have to download from our website. The APK file for both Applications is also given below you gonna Download them as you feel easy.

The first application I want to go find is "Explore file manager" which you guys can download below. Once you've downloaded it, Install it on your phone. You want to open. It just so it can register with your phone RAM. we got that close that down.
Explorer File Manager

You can Look for this Post if you don't know: How to Install Android APK?

Now you're going to Download Lucky Patcher so you're gonna need to Download it and Install it on your phone. Once you are done with installing we you are gonna open it up it gonna ask for permission.
Lucky Pacher Android

If your phone is rooted grant the permission and if your phone is not rooted then it's just gonna advise you that this software is normally seen as a virus on your phone and or a potential harmful software because it does mess with root files in a sense you guys can say so now that, that's done.

You're going to need to find the video game that you want to crack or hack. we're gonna just test out any random video game I have on my list. We're gonna go to where it says to click it. Go down to a menu of patches and you're going to create "Modified APK File" Once you click create modified apk file it's gonna give you these options:

how to hack with lucky patcher

  1. APK without Google Ads: If you don't want Google ads or you want to remove the ads from a game you use the apk without Google ads
  2. License Verification: If you want to remove something that's called license verification for certain type of games you remove that with this. 
  3. In-app and Level Emulations: If you want to do in-app and level emulations you're going to want to click the third option normally. 
You're going to want to click this "Third Option" For in-app and level emulations because this one allows you to do in-app purchases it means you will be able to purchase items or whatever that would actually cost you real money.

[Important Note]
Now at this moment in time guys before we go any further I do want to remind you that these guys take their sweet time to make these games and I do highly encourage you to support these guys and their development of these video games but I do understand the other point of view and I myself do not advise that but you guys can freely do what you want with this information at your own discretion. I do not recommend you or advise you to do what I am doing but this is up to you.
Now that you've got that message, You're gonna want to hit the APK Rebuilt for In-app and level emulation. You're going to want to click "yes" and you're going to pretty much want to wait until it is done. What this is doing is that it's rebuilding the application with these mods or modifications or Hacks in Game built into the app. 

I do not want to lose your progress I highly recommend you save your progress in your video game to a cloud-based service so, for instance, like normally all games nowadays have a cloud save so make sure you save it and you then rebuild the application because this is going to remove your normal application and all its data and replace it with this specific one so If you know how to make a backup the VI became and now it's the time to do it so

hacks for game online

Now we're just gonna wait for that until it's done. You're going to be prompted with a screen and you're going to want to code to the file and for people that have Rooted Phones you're going to see "Do you want to install". 

It's gonna ask you to delete the old application. You're gonna want to do that and for people that do not have the phone rooted for you guys, it's gonna give you an option where it says to delete the old file and install so you're gonna want to "click" the bad one delete. Remember delete the old game and install brand-new yes "okay".

Now that the application is successfully installed we're gonna go open up the game that we did. You can use this with a different game all right. so if you guys want to try Hacks for Game Online.

That's pretty much it guys and hopefully, these three Hacks in Game and Hacking Strategies hacks whatever you want to call them will work out for you. I do highly recommend you do support the developers of the games.
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