Kingo Root Android v 4.5.4 (One Click Root) APK Download

Tuesday, 4 December 2018
Download the latest release of official Kingo Root APK for Android. Kingo Root is the best Rooting tool for Android that can root almost every device in a matter of seconds. KingoRoot is the fastest and most secure way to root up any device. Click on the link to Download Kingo Root APK.

Kingo Root APK Download for Android v4.5.4

When it comes to rooting up the Android device the biggest problem is to find the best rooting app that will sort out your problem of rooting. well, cheer you are in the right place!

In this article, I will take you through step by step tutorial to root your android device using Kingo Root.

What is Kingo Root?

KingoRoot is an Android rooting tool using it you can root up any Android device simply by following the graphical interface. Kingo Root for Android is developed by Kingosoft Technology. the ambition was to provide on click rooting experience as rooting is a very sensitive process and required deep knowledge and expertise of ROM Management.

Rooting has never been easy before Kingo Root App. Kingo Root is the easiest way to root up your android phone all you have to follow the instructions of Kingo Root APK and your phone is root.

What is Rooting?

Root is the process where the users gain the access to deeper android layers. Its the process of gaining privileges of root access where you can modify or change system application and remove administrative controls over your phone.

The rooting will erase your phone securities and certificates. Once you root up your device using Kingo Root you won't be able to claim warranties of your phone. 

Kingo Root is the number one rooting application for android. You can try King Root as well if this application did not work for you by searching on search bar with key word King Root APK

How to Root with Kingo Root?

To Root Android Device using Kingo Root follow these steps:
  • Download Kingo Root APK, by clicking the download link given below.
  • Launch the Kingo Root App. The first thing it will ask for some permissions like accessing the administrative. Allow all the permission it requires.
  • Once the Kingo Root Android gains all the access, It will ask to Check Root. Let the application to check for Root
  • After checking for root the Kingo Root will ask Root your Phone. Press on the root Device. The rooting is a time taking process for the process to be complete and on 100% completion you phone should root.
Restart your phone and your phone now shall have rooted access. Enjoy a Rooted phone.

Can a rooted phone be unrooted?

Yes, a rooted phone can be unrooted, but there is not always 100% success result. All you have to follow these steps if you have to unroot your android?
  1. You have to install an application name SuperSU application. You can find the app on our site by searching SuperSU.
  2. Once the SuperSU has installed, launch the application and find "settings" within the app.
  3. From Settings scroll down until you find the "Cleanup" section. and tab on "Full Unroot"
  4. You can read the confirmation prompt and then press "Continue".
Once the process is done, Reboot your device once SuperSU closes. If SuperSU did not work you can try Uproot or Z4Root. Remember we does not own these application if any harm occur to your device we are not responsible for that.

Download Kingo Root APK for Android by Click on the link given below. best of luck with rooting.

Application Information and Requirements:
Name: Kingo Root APK
Version: 4.5.4 (40504)
Language: English
OS: Android 4.2+
Date: 4 December 2018
Price: Free
Official URL:
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