Cheat Engine Android APK Download for Rooted and Non Rooted Device

Tuesday, 4 December 2018
Download the latest release of official Cheat Engine Android, Cheat Engine is the best tool to modify and cheat offline Android games. Click on the link to Download Cheat Engine for Android Devices. Cheat Engine No Root is also available for non rooted Android devices.

Download Cheat Engine for Android rooted and non rooted devices.

Cheat Engine Android, is an excellent application to patch and modify offline video games and increase the score, coins, gold and points by modifying games with Cheat Engine App. Cheat Engine for Android,  is a Perfect app that comes with many amazing features.

First, Cheat Engine will let you gain high scores, high points and coins in games by searching score values in the game.

Secondly, Cheat Engine APK will allow you to modify internal clock time of your games and other Application in your phone to cheat and modify the game timing and date, Many of the games we play ask us to wait for a certain amount of time to re-fill into full life. but once install Cheat Engine App, using Cheat Engine all you can to do in just seconds, you can do it by slide your finger down on the floating icon, following the procedure mention above you can increase or decrease the flow of time is that simple and amazing to do.

Cheat Engine No Root works perfectly fine on non-rooted Android devices, Cheer up Bro. it not like many another app, for instance, GameGurdian which requires root access to function and work to patch and modify any game but it works similarly to GG. if your phone is non rooted it still works you don't need your phone to be rooted.

Cheat Engine No Root, only supports offline games. If you are playing games that are connected to the internet and any online game please don't expect it to modify such games. it will not and you won't be able to modify any game if it syncs scores online.

Best Features of Cheat Engine Android:

  • Cheat Engine No Root APK Amazing Features that can help you:
  • Cheat Engine will let You to Modify Coins, Gems, points and Other objects in Offline Android Game.
  • Cheat Engine lets you connect with local and Remote Access via IP.
  • Cheat Engine has no limit for modifying coins and other objects you can get everything unlimited there is particularly no number all your choice.
  • Cheat Engine is a perfect modifying application with a very Easy, clean user-interface, you will automatically learn how to use. once you launched the app after installation of this application.
  • You can also Modify Tokens in Games using Cheat Engine.
  • Cheat Engine doesn't require your Android Device to be rooted it works perfectly in in-rooted devices.
How to Use/Install Cheat Engine on No Root Devices?
Download Cheat Engine APK for non root devices from the given link and continue install.
Once the installation is completed. launch any game you want to modify or cheat scores. Play the game and gain some scores. You can cheat the game  either directly from the app or launching Cheat Engine App  

Remember this blog post for education purposes only we do not encourage our reader to modify or patch any android game. Ask your yourself the question what is the reason of gaining fake score that you even did not earn playing.

Application Information and File Details
  • Application Name: Cheat Engine [No Root Version]
  • Size: 1.5MB
  • Format:.APK
  • Version: v6.5.2
  • Developed By: Riman Apps
  • Price: Free
  • Os: Android
  • Date: 4 December 2018
  • Official URL:
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