Cartoon HD APK Download 3.0.1 for Android

Thursday, 20 December 2018
Download the latest release of official Cartoon HD App for your Android. Cartoon Hd APP is the best alternative to Netflix and Hulu where you can stream and download movies, TV Serials and Cartoon without any subscription fee. Click on the link to Download Cartoon HD APK latest version.

Cartoon HD APK Download for Android smartphones and Tablets:

how's it going Guys it's me the Blogger in today's article is going to be on Cartoon HD application which you cannot get off of the Play Store you have a download it separately as an apk file and the link is at the end of this post.

If you're familiar with Showbox this cartoon HD APP has nothing to do with cartoons It just called cartoon HD and it has all those movies and it will play actually faster than Showbox, there are lots of others out there but this happens to be one of the great ones to use and if you want to watch shows just go into the TV show section and you will see all the shows that you would find on other fun paying networks and you can search for them as well who don't like Game of Thrones right videos.

The interface is same as the other streaming sites here are movies like Netflix and Hulu you can watch shows and all that other good stuff on here and you will see lots of movies on this that you can't watch anywhere else so let's pick a movie out for tonight and let's click on divergent series.

We have different versions there are two steps and 720p we can play right on the tablet so you can press that and then you'll watch it on your tablet or your phone or your Android TV or your Chrome browser Jerry you prefer as you will see there is playing skip through the movie and there's the quality we're getting 720p nice quality, so now you have movies on the go or at home stay at home and watch some gets up to bust out the popcorn.

How to Download Cartoon HD APK?

Let me show you where to Download Cartoon HD Android, Scroll down and you will see a download box click on the download link and Cartoon HD APK Download for Android will download on your device. you wi different packs previous versions and we're going to do the one to click on to that this type of file might harm your device anything you downloaded is not on the Play Store will always tell you that because not from the Play Store so there we have it download complete click onto that and then all we have to do is go to install if it did not bring you to that then it's going to tell you to go to your settings and we'll go to general on the LG g5 it says in the fingerprints and security you want to go down to where it says unknown sources we want to check that on and it'll say phone and personal data are more vulnerable I always allow I've been doing this for years just you know you do have to watch out what application you install and of course if something does happen it's at your own risk

How to install Cartoon HD Download for Android devices they have Tom and Jerry not entirely sure why they have it. Once the Cartoon HD Apk is download press on the install and your installation shall proceed. Once the process is done press done or go to open but I'm gonna go open right here you will see cartoon HD and there we have it we have the app installed on my phone here I see the

The layout is not the prettiest but it definitely works ok so now you see that you can watch movies are even on to good yet even though I still pay for Hulu as you can see here I still use Hulu because it's definitely reliable on connection and there's you know better quality cartoon HD Android or show box isn't always the best quality and it isn't always reliable so I have my space service as well

Cartoon HD Android Drawbacks:
The only thing that it doesn't do is keep track of which videos you last for watching but let's go into one of them and we can choose a quality let's do 720p but check this out I'm going to push this video to my TV in the background now I'm going to press custom and with an application called all cast there are other ones that you can use out there up and running in the background and I'm going to push this so now I can push this to my TV to the Roku stick or Xbox or chromecast Android TV if you have DLNA support you'll be able to push that kind of stuff so I got my Xbox in this case pushing it you can see my Xbox is reacting to something and this is going to make the movie or should I say the show Game of Thrones play on to my TV back there and there you have it you can see there so I get to enjoy Game of Thrones on my big screen now the show's playing in the background and I can pause it I can play pause if you have a cell phone and you get a call this the application will automatically pause your videos that way you don't miss anything on your show or movie and when you disconnect the call it'll round them out your resume and make a press stop
The Cartoon HD Video Quality and Movies
I said some movies are just not posted here this is only 480p but this still looks pretty good if you're looking from afar and it's at least you know you're able to watch for free sometimes take a little bit to load your player to find through the network once it connects to the TV then it should be a countdown okay so it's like one two three four five six seven eight nine ten nine so this one took like around 15 seconds I do have a lot of people using my internet today so that could be a little issue there but it's still playing pretty smoothly there you can see it's not stuttering at this moment there is some spots that it might pause for a little buffer but then it keeps going and there is the video playing and now I can kick back and enjoy the movie let's just do a quick skip inside of it and you will see sometimes subtitles like that because they've been I don't know how they get the movies or whatever to work but that's sometimes movies will be like that let's turn on the lights so now that you see how I did it now you can do it on any Android device you don't need to have a powerful phone like this even my 2013 will be able to handle any of this so you can have a cheapie like moto G entry just the cheap phone will work for it so you can watch these there are so many.

How to connect Cartoon HD with big Screen?

when you press stop you see it takes it off of your TV now I use my tablet mainly for watching shows like this you also see an option here if we click on Dragon Ball Z we'll see in the videos lots of episodes here and if you click onto it this is super Dragon Ball super not Z and you can watch it or you can press download to download and watch it offline so you're not the reliant Internet in case it's not fast enough you can watch it later.

I guess we're worried about me showcasing this application there's been many many many other videos you can look them up cartoon HD show box TV portal all those applications have been reviewed many many times with even millions of downloads so you already know what to do get in the download section to get Cartoon HD APK Download Latest Version. If you want to do it yourself but the link will be

I would not rely on this application to stick around forever because you never know how long it's going to be around for because if you cancel your Netflix or Hulu and then this application just craps out then you're out of luck so you know just another way of enjoying movies you're really going to love it go try it out for yourself
Application Information
App Name Cartoon HD
Version 3.0.1
OS Required Android 4+
Size 2.1
Price Free
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