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Saturday, 22 December 2018
Download the latest release of official APK EDITOR PRO for Android. APK Editor PRO is an Android tool that lets you change and modify Android Apps and Games. Modifications like you can change App name, Remove Ads and much more. Click on the download link to download APK Editor Pro for Free.

Download APK Editor Pro for Android smartphones and tablets

Before you rush to download make sure to read the terms and how to use guide. APK Editor is the most powerful app which I have come across is it is a most powerful act and guys before that I have to remind you should use this app only for educational purposes like if you wanted to make a new modification on the apps which you're developing on that you can do or you can just prank around your friends by editing the existing app like changing the app name icons and you can also use for your own purpose like you can change the music of the app so this app is basically gonna hack everything of your app which you which are going to install from the Play Store this is not officially available in the Play Store and I am going to do remind you again this weed in this in this app you should use only for educational purposes and you don't use it for any unethical purposes use only for ethical purpose

We don't not recommend to use Any Modifed or patched Android apps or Games as they could be harmfull for your device.

How to Download APK Editor Pro Free:

APK Editor is not available in Google Play, therefore, you need to click on the link to download the APK Editor Pro APK for free. This app will change any part of your any part of the existing app whichever happy you have installed suppose a game app and everything all you need is a good common sense and an English knowledge and a few tricks and like which file you need to edit if you have that knowledge then you can easily edit the app as per your will.

Please remember all the information that is being provided in this post is for educational purposes only we don't incurge any kind of modification or patching

How to Modify Apps using APK Editor Pro:
You can select an apk file either you can select an apk file I have already taken a backup of one apk file ok I think it's an SD card so we can either Modify if so you can either fully edited or simple editor a Combinator so fully editors like you can almost edit an on the part of the app you can change the name of the title description everything search bar and an almost everything of the app you can change so for this you don't have to write it if you are going to edit the apk you don't have to rotate but about if you want to change the data that the apk creates then that time you need a wrote provision so you'll exit it out you will see what else we can do and then the most and if you want to do some file replacement like icon change or them any icon inside the app if you want to change all these things you can do using this simple and so if you go to the resource folder you can see that I if you go to the raw folder you can see there will be images music and everything for the app that is used on the app so if you want to change a particular ringtone or something suppose if you want to change the hike incoming message or WhatsApp message tone anything you can do by using this app so like it will be unable to change the default music and default icon default images and any default resources.
How to Earn money with APK Editor;
APK Editor Pro lets you modify android apps and games and change the Ads Codes in Android Apps and Android Games. You can use the Apk editor to change ad code and replace with your ad code. APK Editor will not modify or patch android apps and games that are online base we would suggest you try offline games and apps
Application Information
App Name APK Editor Pro
Version 1.9.10
OS Required Android 4+
Size 10Mbs
Price Free
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