4Liker Pro 5.2 ( Free Facebook Auto Likes, Reaction and Followers) APK Download for Android

Tuesday, 25 December 2018
Download the latest release of official 4 Liker for Android. 4liker is a Facebook Auto Liker that gives Auto Likes on FB, Auto Comments on FB, Auto Reactions on FB and Auto Followers on FB. Click on the link to download 4liker APK Latest Version.

4 Liker APK Download for Android, Free Facebook Likes, Reaction and Followers

4 Liker is the best ever Facebook Auto Liker, which gives free instant, safe, and secure likes for all your all publicly share post whether it be an image, video, status.  4 Auto Liker uses Likes exchange system also known as Facebook Auto Liker, where it generates organic likes from real people around the globe, you will have a diversity of likes from different likes.

Second 4 Auto Liker along with free likes, it’s the best Auto Commenter app that you will ever find on your Facebook. 4 liker FB generates organic comments for your public posts without any cost. 4 Liker is the best spam free and the number one Facebook Auto liker and commenter currently available.

We are not the creater of this Application, if any harm occur to you we are not responsible whatsoever. 

Best Features of 4 Auto Liker for Facebook:

Instant Likes by 4 Auto Liker:

4 liker 2018 lets you get free instant likes on your Facebook status, photo and video by using the best ever 4 Auto Liker. 4 Auto Liker App also helps you to get hundreds of free comments on your public Facebook posts as well without any single cent.

Absolutely Free Likes by 4 Liker APP:

4 Liker is free and it will always be free. The best ever 4 Auto Liker lets you get unlimited instant likes for free there are no hidden charges by any means you can use the M Liker for absolutely free.  4 Liker has been offering the service of free Facebook Likes since the first day we started, and the best things are it lets you delete your account from M Auto Liker any time you want.

Get unlimited free Likes, Comments, Reactions, and shares for all your publicly shared Facebook posts.

Safe & Secure 4 Auto Liker:

4 Liker is Google Pay protected app for your device that is 100% secure to use, and any information you shared with 4 Auto Liker is processed with high security & safety in our best auto liker. You can rest assured, no picture of disclosure, no selling of your data, no logging unwanted data. No need to take the trouble of deleting unwanted posts.

[Important Note] Please make sure to post all your Facebook post in public mode, 4 liker will only help you with the post that you have made public so that all the people apart from your friends can like and comment on your posts.

How to Use 4 Liker?
Login method for 4 Liker:

4 Liker uses the Facebook Access Token method for generating likes and comments for your public post and logging into your FB account. It's kinda verification that you are the actual owner of the ID which has requested for free likes.

Once you installed the application you will see a screen like as shown in the picture below:

As we have mentioned above, the 4 Liker gives free Likes and Comments for your public post. Select Use 4 Liker if you want to generate free likes for your post or select Use Commenter to get free unlimited comments.

Once you selected 4 Liker you will encounter a screen likes this, Click on the icon: Status, Photo, Custom to search manually, or copy and post the link of that particular post in the link whom you want free likes, once done with selecting post, now its time to select the number of likes you want for your post. It's totally up to you to choose the number of likes, remember likes are free, safe, and unlimited don't  limit yourself to the number of likes:
Best Features of 4 Liker FB

  1. 4 Liker comes with various good features, the foremost feature is, it's a Google Play Protected Auto liker and 100% secure social app.
  2. Secondly,  4 Likes FB  is a very popular Facebook auto like that gives you unlimited free, and secure likes on all your public post.
  3. 4 Liker is a light weighted Android social app but very powerful and give you free likes and comments as well, now on your Android phone.
  4. 4 Liker comes with the high-security parameter to protect your privacy and data safety while using the app on your Android device
  5. 4 Liker gives its users complete control over the usage of the app, it does exactly what you instruct the tool to do. The number of likes you select and want, on which particular public Facebook post you want, this Auto liker is going to give you the exact same number of liker on the specified post. 
  6. The cool features about 4 Liker which I personally like are that it doesn't bother you with pop up and ads while using the app.
  7. 4 Liker has a smooth and clean user-friendly interface to provide you with the excellent user experience.
Application Information
App Name 4 Liker
Version 6.0.2
OS Required Android 4.2
Size 4.2 MBs
Price Free
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