Xender APK 4.2.4 (New Version) Download for Android

Saturday, 10 November 2018
Download the latest release of official Xender APK for your Android smartphones and Tablets. Xender APK Download for Android. It is an Android tool that let you transfer files between your Android device at super speed. Xender instead of Bluetooth and WiFi uses NFC protocol which increases transfer speed up to 40 percent faster than other Android applications.

Xender App for Android: Transfer music, files and more across different OS.

Xender APK

With Xender you can transfer almost everything from your Android phone like IMAGES, VIDEOS, MUSIC FILES, CONTACTS, and ANDROID APPS.

To transfer through Xender, all you need to do is create a Group and the recipient will Join your group to receive your file

Xender allows transferring to multi phones at one time. which make a lot easier when you need to transfer to many peoples at one time.

what is xender file transfer?

Xender Android is a file transfer app that can transfer all types of files those includes photos, music,  videos, documents, install the app without using your mobile data or internet connection. Xender is very fast file transfer application that transfer way faster than your Bluetooth file transfer. Xender application is available across all the OS that includes Windows, IOS and Android which allows you to transfer files across all the devices at a faster speed.

How to transfer Files from phone to computer using Xender?

It is very easy to transfer files from PC to Phone or either way using Xender without cable. follow these steps:

  • You must have install Xender App install on your phone before proceeding further
  • From your PC Browser Visit the and open the page
  • Scan the Bar Code that is showing on your screen using your xender app on your phone and hit connect
  • Once both devices are connected select upload file option from your PC Browser and select form File Explore or Select the files from the phone and simply press send, in a very short time your files will be sent

Good Features of Xender APK:

  1. Xender Android is a very popular and an excellent app to transfer your files at a very rapid speed.
  2. Xender APK uses NFC protocol which provides super fast speed than another app which uses Bluetooth or WiFi protocol.
  3. Xenser Latest Version allows transferring files to multiple users at one time. it's a great edge when you need to transfer to multiple users at a time.
  4. Xender is an excellent Android app with the simple and user-friendly interface.
Application Information and requirements:
  • Name: Xender
  • Version: v3.9.1130
  • Format: APK
  • Last Modified: 1/10/2018
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