Reddit Official App 3.15.0 (Latest Version) Download for Android

Monday, 5 November 2018
Reddit App is official Reddit app for Android operating mobile phones. Reddit APK Download is one of the largest online community on the internet where to discuss current issues which includes pictures videos and post about related things of your interest.

Download Reddit Official APP for Smart Phones and Tablets. 

Reddit an American social news aggregation, discussion and content rating website. Its registered members can submit their content to the site such as their links, text posts, and images, which are then voted and re-commented by other members of the same group. All the Posts are being organized by different subjects and into "subreddits", which cover a diversity of topics including Reddit News, Reddit Science, Reddit Movies, Reddit Video games, Reddit music, Reddit books, Reddit fitness, Reddit food, and Reddit image-sharing. Submissions with top rating appear on the top of their subreddit category and, if they receive high votes they will ultimately appear on the site's front page.
According to the statistics of 2017, Reddit had received an average of 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking as the 4th most visited website in the United States and on the 8th rank globally by Alexa Internet rankings

The following are the most rank Reddits
Reddit Politics:

SubReddits for Reddit politics:

  • Reddit Republican
  • Reddit Political Discussion1
  • Reddit Political Humor
  • Reddit Ask Trump Supporters
  • Reddit Conservative 
  • Political Breaking News
  • Reddit Neutral Politics
  • Reddit News 
  • Reddit Automobiles:
SubRaddits for Automobiles:
  • Reddit Car
  • Reddit Car Repair
  • Reddit Autos
  • Reddit Car Sales
  • Reddit Ask Car Sales
  • Reddit What Car Should I Buy
  • Reddit Honda
  • Reddit Audi
  • Reddit BMW
  • Reddit Sports:
SubRaddits for Reddit for Sports
  • Reddit Sports Live Stream
  • Reddit Sports Streams Boxing
  • Reddit Football 
  • Sportscenter Reddit Stream
  • Reddit Soccer Streams 
  • Steve Huffman
  • Reddit NFL Streams
  • Reddit LOL:
SubReddits for Lol.
  • Searches related to Reddit lol.
  • TSM Reddit.
  • C9 Reddit.
  • CLG Reddit.
  • League of legends Youtube.
  • HS Reddit.
  • Reddit Summoner Schoo.
  • LoL Vods.
  • league of legends server status.
  • Reddit NBA
Subreddit for NBA
  • Reddit NBA Stream
  • Reddit Warriors
  • NBA Reddit Streams
  • Reddit Lakers
  • Cavs Reddit
  • Celtics Reddit
  • Nba Streams
  • NBA Streams Reddit

Reddit official app has taken a bit long time to launch for Android but anyhow it has finally launched with all the featured and an interactive and simple designed style.Reddit comes with two modes the Dark theme and Lighter theme for your preference.

Reddit has comes with many features the foremost is it allows the use multi-users on the same app. login with multiple accounts and you can easily switch between apps anytime. another interesting feature allows you to blur images or you can activate NSFW content or can deactivate image previews.

Features of Reddit Official App:

  1. Reddit official is the most popular online community app which allows using all the features of Reddit with the app.
  2. Reddit App comes with two themes, the lighter and the darker theme.
  3. Reddit allows you to blur or deactivate the images.   
  4. The application is Ready for Download

Reddit Application Information:
  • App Name: Reddit APK
  • Version: v2.18.0 (Updated February 2018)
  • Download File: APK
  • App Size: 19MB

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