King Root 5.3.7 Safe and Quick Root (New Version) APK Download for Android

Sunday, 4 November 2018
King Root New Version is Available for Download with lots of New Features and Safer than before and quicker Root. Click on the download link to download the official version for free.

Download King Root 5.3.1 APK for Android Smartphones and Tablet:

King Root a free and excellent way to root your Android phone. Rooting a delicate process, therefore King Root do it with deep concentration and with conscious care

King Root is designed all in Chinese Language but not a problem at all. You just have to press the blue button and wait for a couple of seconds and your phone is done with rooting.

It is important to know that king root has some problems while rooting on Moto series by Motorola, But works perfectly on rest of all devices.

If you wanna know how to root your device? Consider to watch our Youtube Video

Frequently Asked Questions about Rooting?
  •      What is Rooting a Phone?
Rooting is a process that helps you to delete all your device’s information and links that includes Manufacturers information, Its Preinstall Security certificates, preinstall application and all that warranties that comes along with the devices.  Rooting helps to attain your device’s root access that is Android operating system code. Which gives privileges to modify the android software code and gives you full control on the devices which manufactures would not normally allow us.

  •   Is it safe to root your phone?
Although there is not as such risk in rooting as its gives you more controls and access to deeper level. The only risk of rooting is you lose your device’s connection with the manufacture and you won’t be able to receive any future updates.

The rooting also erases you warranty of your device and manufactures assistance on any repairing etc. make sure to keep all this things in mind before you plan to root up your device.

There is a smaller risk that you might lose you device for ever once you root up your device. In some areas you might not allow to use rooted device which does not has any manufacture’s connection or security certificates installed in it. So, make sure to look for that thing as well.
  •     Can a rooted phone be unrooted?
Once you root up your device you can recover it back and unroot your device. There are some applications for instance Universal Unroot that removes that root files but there is not 100% chance that will recover your phone completely you might not be able to unroot. If you want to unroot your device your device you should give a try to Universal Unroot APP. It’s free and does not cost any money

Some Good Features of King Root:
  •     King Root the easiest way to root your phone.
  •     King Root is considered to be the most popular and downloaded app for rooting.
  •     King Root has a dynamic and user-friendly Interface.
  •     King Root is simple. You just have to press a blue icon.
  •     Rooting is a matter of seconds with King Root.
Application Information and Requirements:
  • Package Name: King Root
  • App Version:
  • App Price: Free
  • Category: Android Tools
  • OS Android
  • URL:
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