King Liker 3.6 (Facebook Auto Liker) APK Download for Android

Monday, 19 November 2018
Download the latest release of official King Liker App for you Android Device. King Liker is a great application to get unlimited likes on your Facebook post for free. Click on the download link to Download King Liker APK

Download King Liker APK Latest version for your Android smartphones and tablets for free:

King Liker the best free Facebook Auto Liker app that gives | Free Unlimited Facebook Likes| in your publicly shared post. King Liker gives instant, secure and unlimited free likes for your FB post.

Click on the download link given below to download the latest version of King Liker for your Android operating smartphone or tablet but first, let us take you through some cool features of King Liker.

King Liker comes with many features, the foremost one is King Likers is a Google Play Protected Social Tool and Free Facebook Auto Liker for your Android smartphones or tablets, which means its the safest Free Auto liker for your device. King Liker is 100% secure and compatible with your any Android device.

King Liker is Safe and Secure Facebook Auto Liker: whatever you share with king Liker is being processed with high-security concerns to protect your data and privacy of your Facebook Account. The app isn't gonna harm your Facebook ID neither shares your data and information with the third party websites, that is why we call it the best free Facebook Auto Liker.

King Auto Liker gives:
  • Instant Likes: 
King liker lets you get free unlimited instant likes on your Facebook status, images, and video without spending a single cent.
  • Absolutely Free:
King Liker is free and it will always be free. It lets you get unlimited instant likes for free and no credit card details required
Get unlimited free Likes, on you publicly shared Facebook posts all for free.
  • Safe & Secure: 
 King Liker is Google Pay protected app 00% secure and compatible social app for your android device.

Good Features of King Liker APK

  1. King Liker gives you your desired likes on your all publicly shared post whether it be an image, video or status this free Facebook auto liker will let you accomplish that.
  2. King Liker is an excellent and very powerful but light weighted Android social tool that let you get like via your Android mobile using the king liker app.
  3. King Liker APK gives you total control. It does exactly what you instruct the tool to do for instance selecting the number of likes, on which particular post it shall give all is in your control.  
  4. King Liker comes with high security as it's a Google Play Protected App and 100% safe & secure for all Android devices.
  5. King-Liker has high-security measurements for the protection of your privacy and safety while using the app they ensure the security of its users because you are sharing your Facebook id and giving them permission. They will not modify or change anything until unless do instruct it to do for.   
  6. The best thing about King Liker APK is that it won't bother you with pop up ads and messages.
  7. King Liker has a smooth and clean user-friendly interface that gives you an excellent user experience.
How to use the App:
  • Once you install King Liker on your Android smartphone, please launch the app and you will encounter a screen like as shown below. its the home screen of King Liker, wait for a couple of seconds for the app to connect to its server:
  • King Liker
  • The next thing king liker ask for is permission to access like other Facebook Auto Liker King liker also uses Token access method to access your account, you have to give king liker token access to generate liker on your facebook post. Once done with token access, you are just one step away from getting unlimited likes.
  • King Liker APK
  • As you can see King Liker asking for the link to your facebook post on which you want to generate likes. copy and post the link in the box and press start, wait for some seconds and visit your Facebook account you will see hundreds of free likes from real people. repeat the above-shown process with another post to generate likes on them as well.
Application Information:
  • Name: King Liker
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Size: 5.3MB
  • OS Required: All Android Version
  • Last Modified: 28 January 2018
  • Price Free
King Liker Requirements:
  1. The foremost you need to have a Facebook account to give access to King Liker App
  2.  Secondly, you have to enable Facebook Followers to “Everyone mode”
  3. Third, you have to give permission and access to King Liker App so that it can access.
  4. Lastly, you have to set all your post in “Everyone” from public privacy and setting so that people can see and like your post.
  5. internet connection is also mandatory.
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