5 Best Free Call Recorder Android Apps in 2019

Thursday, 8 November 2018
Call Recording a significent feature needed daily that you do not find natively on Android Device that's why you need to look for Call Recorder. Although there are some phones companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei that has the built-in feature of call recording.

Call recording is significant feature particular when we need to record any important call. But don't worry! In this article we will enlist the Top 5 Best free call recorder app that you can download and install on any of your Android phones.

The Best 5 Call Recorder Android Apps in 2019 that you can install and use

Table of Contact:
  1. True Caller: Available in Free and Premium Versions
  2. Automatic Call Recorder: Available in Free and Premium Versions
  3. Cube Call Recorder: Available in both in Free and Paid Versions
  4. Smart Call Recorder: Available in free and Premium Versions

Here is our list of best call recorder apps for android

1-True Caller:
True Caller APK you might familiar with True caller as Caller Id. The true Caller is a multi purpose caller application that comes with many great features.

  • Caller ID: True Caller has the biggest phone book with over million of people across the globe. This feature requires Internet, when its is connected to its server. The True Caller tell you the name of any unknown number calling to you phone. 

  • Call Recorder: The true caller is a great call recorder app for android with well designed features. you can add numbers in caller recorder list and when you had a call it will automatically record the conversation that you can access later.

  • Add Contact to Block List: Third you can add as many contact to back list as many you want to right from the screen when spam is calling. All that calls and text messages from black listed number will be store into spam folder when you can retrieve later if you wanted to.

Is True Free To Use?

The True Caller is a completely free application which does not cost any money to use. but its has a premium version as well that you can upgrade anytime to use some extra features.

Is True Caller Safe to use?

Well it depends what you are looking from True Caller. The True Caller is a great Caller Recorder, Caller ID Tracer, and Auto Blacklisting App. But its weird that True Caller automatically without your permission upload all of your phone book contacts to its server, that's how it identifies when some unknown calls you. If you want to keep you contacts private then we don't recommend it to use. otherwise its a great application you can use ignoring your privacy. 

Can True caller identify private numbers?

True Caller unfortunately does not identify private numbers or some times hidden numbers. The True caller rings as Hidden Numbers. It only identifies number that are store in its database with name and number.

Is True Caller Accurate?

True Caller most of time it is accurate. It tell you the name of caller and detail information but its not 100% accurate and solely trustful it can deviate form truth.

Pricing: Free and Premium. The True Caller comes in free and Premium options that you can use as per your desire.

2- Automatic Call Recorder:
Automatic Call Recorder can be the best call recorder app that you can install in 2019 for free. Its simply best call recorder that works flawlessly. Its has simple but useful features. Its comes with following three call record option that you can use as per your need.
  • Auto Record All Calls: With this feature turned on you can record all the incoming and outgoing calls automatically. The calls will be save in call Recorded gallery inside the app.

  • Custom List: With this option you can manage custom numbers and make a list of the number you want to save the call Conversation.

  • Auto Record From Safe Contact: This feature enable the Automatic Call Recorder to auto save all the calls that coming and outgoing.

Automatic Call Recorder has a great Interface and a very user-friendly interface you will love using it.

The Best Feature Automatic Call Recorder has Cloud integration meaning you can safe all of you call to recorded into you cloud storage this way you will not run out of space. The Automatic Caller Supports Only Google Cloud and Dropbox Cloud Storage. It a great edge when you are looking for a integrated call recorder setup.

Is Automatic Call Recorder is free?
Pricing: The Automatic Call Recorder is a Free Call Recorder Application that you can install and use on your android device with out any premium subscription.

3-Cube Call Recorder ACR
Cube Call Recorder is more advance caller recorder application  in the caller recorder category. The Cube Call Recorder ACR can Record Call incoming calls and out going call on phone and the call that you make over VOIPS (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

The Cube Call Recorder Records all the call that you make on your social media site, for instance Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype etc. you can record calls in multiple formats meaning record calls in .mp4 or record calls in .mp3 format all up to you.

The Cube Call Recorder has many unique features and modern user-interface you will love using it.

Pricing: The Cube Call Recorder is Free and it has premium feature that you can register anytime by paying its specified money.

4-Smart Auto Call Recorder:
Smart Call Recorder list rank 5th on our best call recorder list. The Smart Call Recorder is a good application that works perfectly for call recording on your Android. Its a simple yet powerful android app to record you daily conversation but it's not as versatile as the above mention four because it does not gives as many options. You can simply record all the conversation that is going through your android phone. You can not customize any particular contacts list or set format as per need. Here are some best features that you can get with Smart Auto Call Recorder.
  • It records all the calls that is going in your phone automatically.
  • It only records your conversation in the MP4 format.
  • Its has a auto delete feature which enables you can set timer and after that specified time period your recorded calls will automatically erased from your phone.
  • Its as a built in option that allows to send important calls over Bluetooth, Email, or other Social Messaging Apps.

Pricing: The Smart Auto Call Recorder is an freeware application which does not cost any money. its all free to install and use

That was our list of Best Call Recorder Apps for Android in 2019 that you can use. Let us know which application is you gonna install and Please share your reviews with our visitor that will give them more inside information to select and use. Thank You for Your Patience, Share with you family and Friends 
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