DJ Liker APK 4.0 (Auto Liker) Download for Android

Sunday, 28 October 2018
Download the latest release of official DJ Liker for Android, DJ Liker APK New Version 3.0.1 is available for download, click on the link to download DJ Liker APK for Android. DJ Liker is the best free Facebook Auto that gives unlimited Facebook Likes, Comments Reactions and Followers for your publicly shared Facebook post

Download DJ Liker for Android v 3.0.1 Free Unlimited Facebook Likes, Reaction and Follower:

DJ Liker APK is a social tool that generates real likes from real Facebook users. If you are looking for an Auto Liker to boost up your likes, reacts and shares on your post then DJ Facebook Liker should be your first option because of its users friendly and customization.

DJ Liker APK
DJ Liker

Best features of DJ Liker App that you can do once installed:

DJ Liker Android is unbeatable best Facebook Auto Liker that gives 100% real likes, Reacts and Shares on your desired posts.
  • The interface of DJ Auto Liker:
When you launched the application, The first thing it will ask is location access. "Allow" Location access as it will generate like, reacts, and shares form nearby region.
  • Secured Login:
DJ Auto Liker is the only free Auto liker that gives secured SSL certified login access into your Fb account to secure your privacy. Its offer a very simple user-friendly interface to login in. You have to enter your Facebook details to access your account. As the application is fully SSL certified based which means all the data and information you shared with is secured and protected.

DJ Liker App

  • No Spam, Real Likes, Reaction and Followers:
DJ Free Auto Liker generates 100% spam free likes, reaction, and followers on your posts. and that will never spam or block your FB Account. Their Liker, Reactions, and Followers generating system are totally spamming free. feel free to get unlimited likes and reaction to your post.

DJ Auto Liker APK

  • Instant Likes, Reacts, and Shares:
DJ liker App will give you an instant likes generating option on any specified URL you can boost 1000+ likes, Reacts Shares as you wanted. On each submission, the DJLiker will generate new likes so that you won't get the same likes over and over again. Request and get 1000+ reactions (random) for your submitted Facebook URL. Install the official DJ Liker App to get real-time Likes. Submit a request for either likes or reaction you have to wait for at least 30 seconds, after that check in your notification bar you will see likes and reaction in your notification bar.
  • Free Facebook Reaction:
Reactions are very trendy these day but don't worry we have got Free Reaction for you as well. Dj Liker APK is the only Application that gives free unlimited Relations. all you have to specify the number of reaction rest it will work for you. DJ Reaction for Facebook is the best option you can get.
  • Customize the number of Likes, Reacts and Followers.
DJ Liker APP gives you the choice to choose as many numbers of likes, reactions, and followers as you wanted. Just select any number and submit a request it will generate in just a couple of minutes. make sure to your post must be public in settings! You can choose between 50 - 500+ Likes and Reactions per submit! and after a short video ad, you can submit again.

DJ Liker Android

  • Loved By Users
DJ Liker Pro is very popular since the day first and it has got tremendous appreciation from millions of users it has around the globe and it's your turn to be part of the crew of DJ Auto liker.
working auto like again as we have updated the version. The latest version Dj Liker 3.0 gives you real likes, reacts and follows for free. Click the link given below to download APK file on your device for free.

DJ Liker is back with new update now it is new version 3.0 is [100% working] free Facebook Like Booster that gives 1000 plus Likes, Reacts and Followers on your Publicly shared Photos, Click on the direct link to Download DJ Liker APK File on your device.

How to use DJ LIKER?

DJ Liker is very friendly Facebook Auto Liker App. Its design comes in a very interactive and simple and it will not bother you with pop up ads and clicks. To use DJ Liker Properly follow these Instructions carefully:
  • Download DJ Liker APK from the link given below and continue the install.
  • Launch the installation when completed, Log in with your Facebook Credentials.
  • Select either Likes, Followers, and Reaction. Select any Number and press okay.
  • Wait for a while and open your facebook id you should have you free likes on your post.
  • Repeat the process for another post as many times as you want.

Make sure to enable your Facebook settings to Public other wise you will not be able to receive likes DJ LIKER.

How to Install DJ LIKER on Android:

DJ AUTO LIKER is not available on Google Play Store there for you need set the following settings accordingly:
  1. Click on the link to Download DJ Liker APK.
  2. Make sure to enable unknown sources. Follow these steps if you need assistance: 
  3. After enabling unknown sources. you are all set to install and launch DJ LIKER APP
Application Information
App Name DJ Liker APK
Version 4.0
OS Required Android 4.2+
Size 3.2MBs
Price Free
DJ Liker Android

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