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Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Download the latest release of official Apental Calc for Android. Apental Cala Auto Liker is the best free Facebook Auto LIker that gives Free Likes, Reaction and Followers. Apental Calc New Version is available for Download with lots of New Features and More Facebook Likes. Click on the link to Download Apental Calc.

Download the Latest Release of official ApentalCalc on your Android device for free.

Apental Calc is the best free Facebook Auto liker tool that generates Likes Reaction and Follower on your Facebook post. Click on the link to Download New Apental Calc Updated Version 18-2019.



ApentalCalc APK

Download Apental Calc Facebook Auto Liker for unlimited Free Facebook Likes Reactions and Followers

Best Features of Apental Calc Auto Liker:

1-Apental Calc Free Likes:

Apental Calc is the best free auto liker that gives free unlimited spam free likes on your facebook post all for free. Apental App is the best Facebook Like Booster that you can ever find.

2-Apental Calc Reactions:

Although it is hard to find free Reaction as higher Facebook Reaction creates more value to your pictures that you shared on Facebook Apental Reaction App gives free Unlimited Spam Free Reaction on your Facebook post. Click to download Apental Calc Reaction APK

3-Apental Calc Followers:

Followers create greater value to your Facebook Profile when any of your friend search for your name on facebook it shows followed by 10000 followers which makes your higher fan following Apental Follower App gives your free Unlimited Spam Free Follower Click to Download Apental Calc Followers APK for free.

4-Apental Calc Secure Log In:

Apental Calc has SSL certified Log in System that protects your Facebook data and account credentials to protect your Privacy.

5-Customize Likes, Reactions and Followers:

Apental Calc APK has number selection option where you can specify the number of likes, Reaction and Followers you want on your Post Its a great option when you want to limit the number.

Apentalcalc gives Unlimited Likes, Reaction and Followers on publicly shares a post. Best Apental Calc Photos Liker, Apental Calc Video Liker.

How to Use ApentalCalc New Version:

Pro and Cons of Facebook Auto Liker and Frequently Asked Questions are described below:

What is Facebook Auto Liker?

Facebook Auto Liker is social auto likes generating tool, that generates Likes, Reacts, and Followers on the Facebook post (Publicly Shared Posts) by using token once you sign in to your Facebook with account details.  There are many Apps like (Apental Calc, DJ Liker, King Liker) that can be used to generate Likes.

How can I Boost My Facebook Likes:

The easiest free way to boost likes is by using Apental Calc Auto liker: its a Facebook Auto liker tool that generates and sends likes to your specified publicly shared Post. You can limit the number of likes that you want for your post as the liker as Unlimited Likes. The second option is premium, If you can spend some money you can go for Facebook Promotions where you have to send $5 or more depends on your promotion duration and time.

How to Increase Reactions on Facebook Post?

There are two ways to increase Reaction on your Facebook post.

Free Auto Reaction tools: ApentalCalc Reaction, Its is a free auto Reaction tools that you can use to increase Reaction on your Facebook post without any money. The Pros and Cons of using free auto liker are mentioned below.

Premium using Promotion: If you can spend some money I would recommend using promotion on Facebook to get Reactions.

How Can I  Increase Followers on Facebook?

The best way to boost Followers is by using Apental Calc Auto Follower tool, it a free auto Followers generating application that sends free followers to your Facebook account. Click on the Given link to Download New ApentalCalc for free. The second Method is by promotions on Facebook where you have to spend some money as nothing is free.

How does Auto Liker on Facebook work?

Auto liker uses a token that is unique for every Facebook individual to log into your FB account, that token is used to like, React and Follow other users how are using that Auto liker. Likes, Reacts and Followers are being sent on his Account using your Token without your knowledge. And when you Request for Followers or Reacts and Likes that tools using the same matrix send Likes, Reaction and Followers on your Facebook Profile without them knowing. That how it Generates Likes, Followers, and Reaction.

Does Auto Likers Create Real Likes?

The answer is “Yes” Auto Likers create real likes as all the Facebook accounts are real and these cannot be created using robotics because the Facebook Signup process requires verification either via Mail or Phone Number, therefore, all the user of Facebook is unique, and Auto Liker uses their Token to generate likes.

Is it safe to use Auto Liker on Facebook?

Facebook Auto likers do not Post or Share anything on your Facebook Profile if you are using good auto likers i.e. ApentalCalc APK Download. But sometimes Auto Liker sends Likes, Reactions, and Followers to People and Pages that share erotic stuff or you don’t want to like them. Once you use the tool it is out of your control if you are not using it back, in that case, it is not safe for you to use. But are crazy about Fan following and want high likes, Reaction and Followers then you can use but I’ve to mention the pro and cons.

Good Features of Apentalclac 2.52 APK
  • Unlimited likes for your all Facebook posts.
  • The user-friendly and interactive interface
  • Easy to use.
  • No hidden charges for likes
  • Real Liker form Real People around the globe.
  • Secure and protected by Google Play Protect.
  • High measurements for protection of your Facebook privacy and Data.
  • No changes in your Facebook settings
Application Information
App Name Apental Calc
Version 3.0
OS Required Android
Size 3.5MBs
Price Free
Apental Calc

Apental Calc APK
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